At a glance

Where: 34 country offices with a global impact

Impact: 3,600 Changemakers in 92 countries

SDG: 17

Ashoka is an NGO based in the United States but present around the globe founded by Billy Drayton in 1981. Its network of changemakers, which is 3,600 social entrepreneurs strong, acts for social innovation by accelerating and incubating ideas and initiatives for positive social impact.

The mission of Ashoka is two-fold:

1. Identify social entrepreneurs whose projects respond to complex challenges in global society across all sectors (health, environment, education…), and accompany them in their endeavours
2. Connect actors from all walks of life, in civil society as well as the public and private sectors, to accelerate the emergence of new modes action for the greater good of global society.

Ashoka focuses on four strategic priorities to help people understand and adapt to a world where “Everyone [can be] a Changemaker”: Social Entrepreneurship, Empathy-building, Youth development, Organizing for Changemaking.

Ashoka offers a lifelong fellowship for outstanding social entrepreneurs. If selected, these innovators can benefit from a stipend for up to three years, customized engagement opportunities, increased visibility, and access to a global community of peers. Along with this fellowship, Ashoka manages the Ashoka Support Network which is made up of changemakers who apply their creativity, energy, and connections to effect change. These Supporters contribute a minimum amount to Ashoka over a three-year period and connect and engage with selected Fellows. Finally, the organisation also recognises a network of Changemaker Schools which enable all students to become young people with the skills and confidence to change the world for the good of all.

The Ashoka mindset is accessible to all, whether a motivated citizen, a student, a researcher, a community, or a company.

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