Discover LearningPlanet TV (LPTV) Programme on 24 January during the 2023 Festival!


For the fourth edition of the LearningPlanet Festival, we are celebrating the International Day of Education by bringing you nearly 10 hours of continuous live content focused on transforming education via LPTV!

On 24 January, thanks to our dedicated LPTV channel, you’ll be able to connect and interact with speakers, panels, and sessions from around the globe and catch all our programmes: from uniting the LearningPlanet Assembly, to learning for well-being, equity, and the environment, in one single place.

Here are some events that you’ll find on LPTV:

From 09:10 to 10:30AM : Youth Empowerment and Well-Being

Co-constructing with youth and empowering young people to thrive are core principles for building tomorrow, as recognised by UN Secretary-General António Gutteres during the last UNGA. So this session is geared towards solutions! It will celebrate ideas for co-constructing a world where young game-changers truly can flourish, while having the tools they need to shape the world they want to see, starting in their local communities.

From 9:10 to 9:30, Interviews and talks with:

Followed by Youth Empowerment and Well-Being – Panel Discussion from 09:40 to 10:30:

LPTV speakers

From 10:30 to 11:00: Access to Quality Education in a Disrupted World – Interviews and Talks

Political, economic, social and environmental crises leave hundreds of millions of youth and adults across the world without access to quality education. The learning poverty they suffer from jeopardises their entire lives as citizens and as humans, as well as those of the generations to come. Helplessness is not an option. So how can we start building equity for real and bridge the existing gaps, including the digital gap? Let’s design new pathways to equal rights and quality education with our global community of changemakers working together: NGOs and education systems decision makers, social entrepreneurs, students and activists, peace-keepers and  local authorities…

From 10:30 to 11:00: Creating Equitable Digital Learning Spaces

More and more learning is taking place using digital tools and in digital spaces, and yet digital divides continue to exist, so in this session we review what we have learned about creating inclusive, and safe, digital learning spaces, and ask How can we inscribe this into policies that platforms can practise, that governments can enforce, and parents and students can understand?

In this panel discussion, you will hear from:

From 11:45 to 13:00: Accelerating the Environmental Transition

These sessions will bring together experts from various fields to discuss the latest developments and best practices in transitioning towards a more sustainable future.

The sessions will feature a combination of interviews, talks, and panel discussions with leaders in the field, providing a unique opportunity to hear firsthand about the challenges and opportunities that come with this transition.

From 11:45 to 12.15, interviews and talks with:

Followed by a panel discussion from 12:15 to 13:00 with:

From 14:10 to 15:00: Leapfrogging learning into the Metaverse

If the future plays out as we’re being told, we’ll shortly be living our lives in Metaverses – think VR with friends instead of Zoom – that can provide significantly elevated interactive content exchanges and experiences. The technology is already adopted by gamers and retailers, especially luxury brands. In this session we ask how can we ‘leapfrog’ education into this new space and imagine creating elevated learning experiences?

In this panel discussion you will hear from:

From 15:00 to to 16:45: From Citizenship to Planetizenship

What if we were the first generation of Planetizens?

The pressing challenges we face today are borderless and the sense of belonging to one single planet could -finally- favour the emergence of different pathways for our societies. Let’s rethink the concept of global citizenship and take action for the new concept of Planetizenship – encompassing citizens, youth and all living species – to become a reality.

From 15:00 to 15:30, interviews and talks with:

Followed by a panel discussion, from 15:30 to 16:45 with:

From 16:45 to 17:30: Learning to Take Care of Oneself, Others and the Planet

Because it is only through self-care that we can power up and help each other, and because it is only by fostering a sense of interconnectedness and shared responsibility that we’ll be able to create a more sustainable future for all, we need to think holistically. From Tibetan Studies to science fiction and beyond, some of the brightest minds in their fields will explore new paths to respect our own needs in order to be able to support one another and collaborate for a transition to a thriving planet.

From 17:30 to 18:15, Content creators, platform designers and software engineers, are the new social engineers.

In this session we’ll explore what we can learn from expert digital creators, designers and software engineers to help us create meaningful learning content and experiences for professional, social and life skills.

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