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The Festival programme is designed to give, each day, an accent to a topic that is at the core of the #LearningPlanet initiative but elements of these tracks appear regularly throughout the 8 days. 

22 Jan – Official Launch of the Festival: a celebratory roundtable organised by #LearningPlanet founders, UNESCO and the Learning Planet Institute, to launch the 3rd edition of the Festival and kick off the week’s global events. The opening remarks will be followed by a gathering of the recently elected #LearningPlanet Youth Council.

22 – 23 Jan: Two days dedicated to Youth Empowerment; to activate and advance youth’s initiatives, dreams and aspirations, with contributions from the #LearningPlanet Youth Council and Fellows, AIME Mentoring, The Dais, KIDsforSDGs, Youth by Youth and other partners. Sessions will include games, hackathons and interviews to enable youth to:

  • build and strengthen bridges between youth movements, institutions and local authorities, and
  • highlight their genuine talents, values and their incredible energy towards policy decision-making and system change in the realm of their rights, education, the environment, health and wellbeing.

24 Jan: Celebrating the International Day of Education: This day celebrates learning throughout life! Its aim is to co-create new narratives around futures based on shared wisdom and collective engagement. Sessions include:

  • Keynote talks and discussions with global educators, influencers and activists,
  • The #LearningPlanet Festival World Tour, an immersive experience celebrating the diversity of the community and creating dialogue around the Festival’s core themes,
  • Live artistic and interactive experiences.

25 Jan: Learning for Sustainability: Exploring how learning processes and all types of education must evolve to meet the magnitude and complexity of today’s sustainability challenges. The day focuses on boosting learning for sustainability and enhancing education initiatives through conferences and co-created sessions including with the Club of Rome,, EIT Climate KIC, Earthshot, and other partners.

26 Jan: Transitions in Education: How can we design new approaches to education at all ages, in schooling systems and across learning environments? Key highlights include a Futures of Education session with UNESCO, a Transitions in Higher Education hackathon with Ashoka U and Dartington Hall, roundtables on learning cities and ecosystems, and more.

27 Jan: New Models for Social Change: A series of events with social entrepreneurs from various networks such as Bridge for Billions and Catalyst 2030 to design new approaches in sectors such as education, well-being, healthcare and beyond.

28 Jan: Arts in Education: Understanding the key role art plays in supporting and stimulating development in learners of all ages. The day features interactive workshops and activities led notably by the Community Arts Network (CAN) and the REAL School Budapest.

29 Jan, and onwards: The learning and exploring never ends! 

Festival participants are invited to engage and interact with our global community throughout the year – to access and share resources (research papers, MOOCs…), co-create pedagogical content and on-the-ground projects, and join our #LearningPlanet initiatives, such as our thematic Circles, the Youth Fellow programme, and a rich calendar of events, debates, contests, etc.

Stay tuned for more information!

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