Building the Boat as We Cross the Ocean: An Interactive Workshop for (and on) Transforming Learning

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The “Yes/And” HigherEd Network: A community for open, innovative, disruptive and playful approaches to education and learning is an international grouping of educators of all types exploring creative approaches to teaching and learning. We gather monthly and work on projects in areas such as:

*Creative Assessment

*Designing Workshops, Courses and Curriculum

*Writing and presenting at conferences

In this interactive workshop and networking session, we invite participants to join us for an improvised conversation exploring the role of playfulness and performance in creating a self-organized community that supports and stimulates development in learners of all ages. While the content of our conversation is emergent, the process will utilize these improvisational activities and will therefore provide everyone with new tools to use with colleagues and students beyond this event.

The pandemic, lockdown and the movements for social justice and equity have brought into question age-old practices of how we organize education. For many of us this is not a new challenge–long before 2020, we saw that traditional ways of teaching and learning, focused on the exchange of existing knowledge and the positioning of the teacher as the expert, were not working for teachers and students from preschool through tertiary education.  In light of this, many educators have been trying to create more inclusive, innovative and co-created learning environments – within classrooms, schools, communities, and the larger world.

For the past year , a group of these educators have come together to collectively create a space for discovery–a space where the how of the conversation is in sync with the content. We have discovered that in this independent cross-disciplinary space we can challenge assumptions and see possibilities by utilizing and creating exercises, games and other tools inspired by the work of improv comedians and other artists. These tools, which are used extensively in business, medicine, therapy and community organizing, include the giving and receiving of offers and yes and. They have helped us produce a conversational process that is creative and constructive rather than transactional and critical. Join us and meet new creative people, new ideas and new ways of talking/developing with others.

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