Children & Youth Parliaments around the world: New Forms of Governance

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The event proposed is a combination of children and youth initiatives around the world, performing as new forms of governance in local level. Their common field is the use of Sociocracy; a methodology that seeks to promote equality and equity as well as helps teams to be more effective. Our proposal for the event is to create a multi vocal environment that will consists of a variety of topics:

1. presentations of the Children Parliaments in India; the Provisional World Children Parliament; the Youth Council of the Municipality of Thermi, Greece and the film ‘Power to the Children’*;
2. voices of the children and young people participating in the aforementioned organisations;
3. insights from the film and;
4. questions, answers and discussion on all topics unfold.

*To access the film in advance of this session:

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Password : Power_umxrQwX

Prime Minister of Chetanalaya Children's Parliament
Minister for international organisations at the Provisional World Children's Parliament
Prime Minister of the Provisional World Children's Parliament (PWCP)
International Convener & Master Trainer, Neighborocracy
Researcher, Trainer, Universities
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    January 27, 2022 11:00
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    January 27, 2022 12:00
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