Cognitive Damages of Schooling – Re-imagining education based on how human beings learn

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I have been researching how children autonomously create knowledge of the real world autonomously and how schooling rewires this cognitive ability.

There is a fundamental shift I am addressing is based on our
biological propensity to CREATE knowledge of the real WORLD instead of
ANALYSING secondhand LINGUISTIC information. So I am talking about
change in the CONTENT as well as PROCESS as this is part and parcel of
our natural cognitive system which is biologically rooted.

The fundamental difference between modernity and tradition is this
ontological reversal wherein the case of modernity the product
precedes the process and in a way totally disregards the process. This
means the body has no role in cognition but only to carry the head
(mind) which does all the jobs related to cognition.

This division of body and mind is brought about systematically within
modernity by not respecting the autonomy of children and their
life-given gift – the ability for the creation of knowledge of their

Unless we take into consideration what and how children learn
naturally we won’t make any fundamental change to higher education.
This separation of higher and lower is totally problematic. This again
is typical of modernity as adults belong to a totally different
paradigm and they make children go through the ritual of schooling to
get them accepted into the adult world. What schooling does is to numb
their original biological system to create knowledge of the world to
condition them to analyze the ready-made information.

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