Collective intelligence for the Learning Planet

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In the face of the climate crisis and multiple challenges aggravating, there is a need to enhance a collective learners’ action that will work towards the learning & thriving planet. Education is the most sophisticated social technology of societal transformation and intentional evolution – yet it is still a widely underutilized pathway for co-creating and contributing toward sustainable, regenerative, and thriving futures within and beyond our biosphere.

This panel invites several global evolutionary thinkers and movement builders to discuss “enablers” of the future that works for all – conditions for the emerging collective action, collective governance, collective intelligence and wisdom.

During the panel, we will seek to explore the following questions:

  • What are the most expedient and effective methods for connecting and activating collective intelligence for transformational collective action?
  • What are the most efficient modes of social learning for collective action?
  • What can be the trusted modes of communication for collective action? How to design them? How best to engender trust in the global social space?
  • What are the conditions for establish a planet wide movement in service of the planetary shift towards an emerging future civilization?


  • Violeta Bulc, founder EcoCivilization movement and former EU Minister of Transportation
  • Stefan Blachfellner, Managing Director of the Bertalanffy Center for the Study of Systems Science
  • Mila Popovich, founder of EvolvED, and Board member, World Academy of Art & Science
  • Joshua Konkankoh, Board member GENAfrica
  • Nick Graham, Community, Operations & Research Weaver at Transformations Community
  • Igor Polsky, Facilitation Coordinator, Deep Adaptation Forum, and Board member, Russian Ecovillages and Ecoinitiatives Union
  • Olivier Brechard, Chief Operating Officer, #LearningPlanet 

Session facilitator: Pavel Luksha, Founder, Global Education Futures, and director, School of Evolutionary Transition

Banner image credit: “Light Work” painting by Autumn Skye

Chief Operating Officer, #LearningPlanet
Founder and Director, Global Education Futures
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