Democratic Education – Have the questions about the futures of education already been answered?

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In Democratic Schools the needed paradigm shift has already been working for up to 100 years already:
self-directed, instead of compulsory learning,
intrinsic, instead of extrinsic motivation,
human rights in democratic structures, instead of submission into obedience.

Nowadays there is a lot of evidence gathered through research that confirms the outstanding benefits of these approaches, which became basically the contemporary scientific standards over the last years.
But why is this evidence ignored by policy makers, why are democratic schools still struggling in many countries to get approved or supported by the public authorities, while obviously failing, obsolete and harmful concepts are maintained with huge amounts of public money?
Why, when talking about futures of education, many still don’t let go the same basic old-fashioned principles of vertical instruction?!

Let’s talk about change! …which has already been existing for many years and is the day by day reality for many strong children!
There is already a lot of experience and knowledge about the future of education.
Let’s make use of it!

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