Dream Lesson: Goldberg Machine of Simple Internet of Things

For schoolchildren aged 14-18, I will be teaching the principles of creating the Internet of things in a playful way; programming the interaction of the Internet of things and creating a simple Goldberg machine using remote-controlled microcontrollers. The main purpose of this educational event is to study the technology of the Internet of Things using distance learning technologies for schoolchildren aged 14 to 18 years. To participate in the lesson, you need basic knowledge of the C++/C# language at the level of proficiency in simple concepts such as cycle, function, data types, arrays; must have knowledge of the minimum basics of robotics at the level of understanding how to connect a humidity sensor to an Arduino UNO, or how to control a servo; minimal programming experience in the Arduino IDE environment at the level of simple sketches, such as, for example, flashing an LED; ability to use the Zoom conference client. The focus of the lesson intersects with such markets and end-to-end technologies as intelligent energy systems, smart city, Internet of things, cityfarming. The competition is intended for schoolchildren from different cities of the world, ideally every child from a different city and country, who are passionate about applied programming, robotics, the Internet of Things, information systems design, automation. To successfully participate in the competition, you need to be sure Zoom users. Together we will create a Goldberg Machine from a smart boiler, a smart greenhouse and a smart security system with smart sirene interacting with each other. Everything will be implemented on the basis of the equipment of the laboratories of the technopark Izobretarium with the use of remote technologies. Students will be able to use the smart laboratory from all over the planet Earth. The whole world will see how our smart Goldberg Machine works through webcams.

Teacher, House of Children's Creativity, Reutov (Children's Technopark Izobretarium)
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  • Start Date
    January 24, 2022 12:00
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    January 24, 2022 13:00
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