Dream Lesson: The Art of Sarcasm: How To Be Sarcastic Without Sounding Like a Jerk

The purpose of my spark plug is for the participants to build the skill of sarcasm, which will not only help them identify when someone is being sarcastic or not but it will also make them more aware of themselves and others in their daily life conversations. This session will also allow the audience to know what sarcasm really is and how it is an art in itself. There are a lot of skills the participants will build through this too.. sarcasm will require them to be attentive listener, this will require them to make quick and good connections (thinking on their feet), and lastly this will require them to build instincts and teach them how to trust those instincts. This will definitely be a different and bizarre session topic for many but sarcasm isn’t anywhere close to something new… sarcasm has to have been and still is part of our life, yet or most, sarcasm hasn’t always been on their side. So, this session will allow the participants to understand sarcasm and the art of sarcasm. They will learn how to be sarcastic without being jerks.

Teacher, The Riverside School
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    January 24, 2022 12:00
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    January 24, 2022 13:00
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