EdTech; The New Path to a Future-Ready and Reformed Education System in Africa.

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In recent times, due to the pandemic, there has been an urgent need for automated systems in different sectors of the world. This need has led to an ever-increasing use of technology in creating these systems. The education system in many countries have improved because of their ability to leverage technology. In ensuring that Africa’s education system is continuously improving, there is a need for awareness of the possibilities in technology for reforming our systems and raising students who are future-ready.
This 1-Day event which is set to commemorate the International Day of Education, will open the minds of stakeholders in the education sector in Africa. Through guest speaker sessions and networking sessions, they will begin to see the endless possibilities in technology for a better education system in Africa. We would explore topics on the need for technology, its use in terms of instructional delivery and student learning, and the future possibilities of technology for education in Africa.

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