Embedding social enterprise in an urban greening solution ecosystem

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This session discusses the systemic innovation lab ‘Greening Marion’: a multi-stakeholder pilot project that aimed to strengthen a greening solution ecosystem targeting three City of Marion suburbs in South Australia.

The project discovered that there was a need to establish a clearer link between the underlying causal factors of the wicked problem of urban greening and the existing initiatives that address urban greening, and a need to support initiatives that simultaneously deliver urban greening outcomes and systems functionality. As a possible approach for addressing this need, an outline of Wicked Lab’s Challenge Lab methodology was included as an appendix in the final report. A Challenge Lab embeds the development of systems-aware social enterprises into solution ecosystems. Its elements include participants undertaking Community Capacity Builders Program for Systems Social Entrepreneurs and creating a solution ecosystem map using the Ecosystem Mapping Feature of Wicked Lab’s Tool for Systemic Change.

By referring to the social entrepreneurship and nature-based solutions literature, this session will show how nature-based social enterprises can be effectively embedded into a solution ecosystem to address the system gaps identified in the Greening Marion project.

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