Evolutionary leadership: transformational learning for Protopia

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As we move into the 21st century, challenges of our civilization continue aggravating, creating a “tsunami” of global risks that threaten the very existence of the global civilization and our species. Climate and biodiversity crises are a declared state of emergency, yet the majority of global population expects “someone else”, whether politicians or technological innovators, to “solve the problem”. Yet, without massive humanity-scale relearning of mindsets and habits, no technological or policy design would suffice. The key to the future is learning – and it has to begin with individuals and communities that “model the future”, or live in the mode of Protopia.  

The main focus of this conversation will be: how do we learn to become “agents of the future”, how do we transform ourselves to live & act as “the system we want to see in the world”? What are the skills of leaders that grow “evolutionary learning communities” for the learning & thriving planet? How can we catalyze and lead a collective learners’ action that will work towards the learning & thriving planet?  How can we model our lives to inspire a planet wide movement in service of the planetary shift towards an emerging future civilization?

The question posed by one of the panelists, Sam Guarnaccia, also directly points to an absolutely critical foundational consideration for a global response to the unprecedented crisis in which we live and breathe: How can a being capable of nearly infinite, unrestrained, unlimited curiosity and imagination, find his/her ‘proper/viable’ place in a context of limitations?

Speakers in the session include: 

  • Alexander Laszlo, director of research, Laszlo Institute for New Paradigm Research
  • Lev Gordon, cofounder Living Cities
  • Ollie Bream McIntosh, managing director Social Systems Lab
  • Donna Nelham, cofounder Unstitution
  • William Stranger, provost, New Paradigm College
  • Sam Guarnaccia, composer, classical guitarist, scholar, and founder/director of Sam Guarnaccia Music

Session facilitator: Pavel Luksha, founder, Global Education Futures, and director, School of Evolutionary Transition

Banner image credit: “The Creator” painting by Vasko Taskovski

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