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Join William Rankin and Graham Brown-Martin in this exclusive conversation and interactive online experience about the future of learning hosted by regenerative.global.
Format: 2 x 30 minute insight talks following by 60 minutes of interactive conversations with all who join. Be prepared to join the digital stage.
Preliminary reading and insights at http://regenerative.global

Insight Session One – Rehumanising Learning for the 22nd Century – William Rankin
The incoming Secretary of Education in Virginia has promised to “measure everything” in schools, using student data as a “flashlight” to ensure “return on investment” for taxpayers so the government and employers – whom she calls the “ultimate customers” of the educational system – are not being short-changed. This grotesque extreme of Freire’s ‘banking model’ goes against not only a tradition of education stretching back thousands of years, but an educational need that will determine whether or not humanity survives the coming century. Rather than slicing learners into data for algorithmic processing (a perversion whose catastrophic waste was laid bare by Ofqual’s 2020 debacle), the world needs a thoroughly humanising educational practice that connects learners sustainably to their contexts, richly to a series of meaningful communities, and productively to content they use for creation and problem-solving. This brief talk will introduce a strategy for implementing the sort of multidimensional engagement the world needs, a set of humanistic outcomes that elevate learners’ individual promise, and the research and rationales that will help you dismantle an industrialised educational system that threatens our future.

Insight Session Two – Unlearn. Reimagine. Everything – Graham Brown-Martin
We talk a lot about lifelong learning but do we ever really learn?

A global pandemic, the destruction of truth and a year of major climatic events on an unprecedented scale couldn’t persuade us to think differently about what, where and how we learn. Our global education, political, media, judicial, even religious systems are so locked in service of the status quo that many of us remain blind to French critic Jean-Baptiste Alphonse Karr’s epigram “plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose”. With lockdowns forcing students to learn with their laptops we saw an absence of innovation as governments invested public money in the creation of online schools designed by teachers for teachers. The technology industry for all its talk of disruption failed to rise to the challenge of reimagining learning instead placing 21st century technology in the hands of those who would digitise the 19th. 

author, broadcaster and founder of Learning Without Frontiers
Founding Learning & Educational Technology Designer at Unfold Learning, LLC
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    January 26, 2022 17:00
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