Exploring Ways of Learning for Sustainability [Session 2]

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NOTE: We will be hosting two instances of this session during the day, to cater for different time zones. 

Session 1 : 10:00-12:00 CET [Other timezones here]

Session 2 : 16:00-18:00 CET [Other timezones here]


The Club of Rome and #LearningPlanet are delighted to invite you to experience ways of opening the space of possibilities. New processes of learning for sustainability are emerging everywhere. What can we learn from them? What is that we want to sustain? What to transform? This is a journey of exploration in which we are all learners. This session is to start weaving the colorful threads of a new, co-created narrative of Learning for Sustainability!

  1. Experience Humanity 

In this experiential opening, led by members of the Ubuntu Learning Circle, we will practice ways to become human again and have true conversations in a safe and warm space. And we will celebrate the immense richness of indigenous wisdom, such as Ubuntu, to nurture modern inquiries into the existential challenges of humanity.

2. Discover Inspiring Examples

Speakers [Session 2]:

  • Nolita Thina Mvunelo, Program Manager at The Club of Rome, The Club of Rome
  • Lucia Gonzalez, Co-founder, Natives, Spain 
  • Luis Camargo, Founder and Director, Organizacion para la Educacion y Proteccion Ambiental (OpEPA)
  • Laureline Simon, Founder and Executive Director, One Resilient Earth, Germany 
  • John Gilmour, Founder, LEAP Science and Maths Schools, South Africa
  • Kathleen Rogers, President, EarthDay.Org, USA

After the opening, we will welcome the experience of individuals and organizations who are doing an outstanding job on the ground in learning communities, or are keen to promote many more Learning for Sustainability initiatives.
We will address three key questions : 

  • What drives learning for sustainability on the ground?
  • What examples have inspired you?
  • What are the major challenges?

and a provocative one : 

  • Should we aspire to design the future of learning and education or should it be a constant exploration in which we are all learners? 

3. Reflect and Reconnect
To close, participants will be invited to reflect on the process experienced in the session and try to sense what emerged:

  • What questions have been answered?
  • What new questions have been generated?
  • What should be a statement of intent to end today’s session?
Member of the Executive Committee, Club of Rome
Futurist, Nordic Bildung
Founder and Executive Director, OpEPA
Founder/director of the LEAP Science and Maths Schools, South Africa
Founder of Edenway, NATIVES and Terra EDUCA
Co-Founder and Executive President, Tamkeen Community Foundation for Human Development
President, Earth Day Network
Founder and Executive Director, One Resilient Earth
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