Flipper The System: Changing education through a collaborative game


For the past year and a half, a group of students at KU Leuven have worked on a board game, Flipper The System, that aims to teach players the importance of systems thinking, critical thinking and transdisciplinarity. In the game, four players have to work together to solve a series of environmental problems, and encounter unpredictable events that can dramatically alter the course of the game. A co-creation project was set up with a team of students at Howest University of Applied Sciences – Digital Arts & Entertainment, who have developed this concept into a playable computer game, featuring a polluted island which players can clean by working together to solve problems related to environmental destruction and ocean pollution.
At the LearningPlanet festival, we will launch our game to a worldwide audience. At this launch, we will discuss the background and development of our game, show demos of the game, and explain how and where to download Flipper The System. We hope to inspire attendees all over the world by showcasing a successful student-led approach to engaging and collaborative learning, spanning across disciplines and universities.

Student, KU Leuven (University of Leuven)
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