Learning Ecosystems – a revolution in the making?

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A consensus is emerging that learning needs to become “everyone’s business”, and that Learning Ecosystems – by bringing together diverse learning providers (not only schools and universities but also non-formal learning institutions, businesses, and governments) – can foster new community-based learning opportunities and pathways to success for learners of all ages. 

This model, however, challenges conventional and historical education hierarchies and decision making. In the session, engage with global learning ecosystems leaders as they discuss what they believe is the potential for learning ecosystems to radically transform our education systems and the wherewhathow and with whom we learn. 

Executive Director, The Grable Foundation
Communications and Outreach Coordinator, Dublin Learning City
Co-founder. Dream a Dream
Vishal co-founded Dream a Dream along with 11 others. He is an Ashoka Fellow, an Eisenhower Fellow, a Salzburg Global Fellow and a Board Member at PYE Global.
CEO & Chief Strategist, eko6, WISE Research Fellow
President, Education Reimagined
Kelly Young is the President of Education Reimagined.
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