Learning [to act] for Sustainability

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The association Reconnaître proposes :
A continuous online day from 12 to 8 pm – Europe – Americas

Create Open Badges to map actors, projects, resources, etc. around sustainable development.
We will use https://wikibadges.org/ and a dedicated space on https://openbadgepassport.com
These badges can be reused by the other activities of the Learning Planet Festival.

French and English sessions alternatively


  • 12h00 – 13h30 – Français
    • Pause de 30 minutes
  • 14h00-15h30 – English
    • 30 minutes break
  • 16h- 17h30 – Français
    • Pause de 30 minutes
  • 18h-19h30 – English
    • 30 minutes break
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