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Making learning for transformation viral: can we amplify a global movement of evolutionary learning?


(ZoomPwd: 2023)
21st century challenges require to begin learning at an accelerated pace and in new ways. This inspired Learning Planet movement and many others that stimulate learning aligned with SDGs and goals of universal being. The problem of such movements is that they spread slowly and find many thresholds that become their cul-de-sacs, and so fail to build up towards a tipping point to make the transition irreversible.
Our question is how to design a movement that will be able to overcome these challenges and become a planetary force of transformation. Such a movement will be capable of engaging every human being in the world, it will be inspirational, viral to spread fast, yet resilient and self-sustaining to maintain its own growth. The virality has to be based on stories appealing to every human based on human fundamental needs (peace, security, beauty etc).
We will explore: What is the movement? How should it be designed and who will be its designers?

Fri, January 27, 2023

18:00 CET, UTC+1h

  • Planetizenship
  • Social Innovation & Entrepreneurs
  • Youth Empowerment

Suggested audience:
  • Online event
  • English

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