Malaysian Youth Exchange Dialogue Series (MYxChange Dialogue Series)

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The Malaysian Youth x Change is a monthly dialogue series led by young people and children on topics related to child rights, the environment, and other issues that young people and children feel deeply about. It was developed using the DFC FIDS (Design For Change – Feel, Imagine, Do and Share) approach and this initiative aims to directly empower young people and children in Malaysia to be able to publicly speak to adults and peers about what matters to them, in a safe online space, through 10-minute rapid-fireside chat/interview (bite-sized conversations), to gain inspirations for actions they will take on the ground through these conversations. Each monthly session is in conjunction with a particular United Nations Celebrated Day. To date, MY x Change has featured 27 guest speakers, 29 student hosts and garnered over 30,000 digital reach in social media channels.

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