Musical performance “The Seven Wonders of Bulgaria”

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Musical performance “The Seven Wonders of Bulgaria” is an educational art project, that combines Bulgarian tradition with modern art. The project unfolds in two stages – traditional and modern music, presenting the diversity of all Bulgaria ethnographic areas through songs, dances, electronic music and visual arts. Presented through contemporary directing, digital scenography and electronic sounds, the authentic Bulgarian music became closely connected and interesting to the audience. Professional singers, instrumentalists and dancers represent seven folklore ethnographic areas of Bulgaria: Northern, Shopska, Pirin, Rhodope, Thracian, Strandzha, Dobrudzha, each of which has distinct features in terms of instrumental, song and dance folklore. Digital scenography with characteristic visual elements from the seven ethnographic areas complement the presentation. It visually presents Bulgarian embroideries, decoration of traditional clothes, specific symbols from each region. Starting authentically, the performance unfolds to the modern sound and ends with a specially created song – blend between authentic Bulgarian folklore and modern electronic sound.

On 24.01.2022 the audience of Learning Planet Festival will watch a Musical performance “The Seven Wonders of Bulgaria” that was part of the program of European Capital of Culture – Plovdiv 2019. 

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