On the way to EuroSkills St Petersburg 2023: Unpacking the 4RE Agenda

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In August 2023 St Petersburg will host the EuroSkills competitions – the biggest skills competitions in Europe, that will be followed by the solid Conference programme. 

The Conference Agenda will be built around the #4RE Agenda:
In order to make the Conference meaningful and its results as much applicable as possible WorldSkills Russia has started to unpack the tracks of EuroSkills St Petersburg 2023 Conference programme #4RE Agenda and inviting leading experts in these and related areas to have a conversation on January 26, 2021 within the #LEARNINGPLANET festival on:

  • what does it mean for skills development in VET and HE?
  • how the involved parties can cooperate and contribute to the proposed agenda?
  • what kind of practical steps can be made towards designing solutions for all these areas sustainable development?

Moderator/ Interviewer: Ekaterina Loshkareva, WorldSkills Russia R&D Director, WorldSkills International Board member

WorldSkills UK Chief Executive
SwissSkills Director and Official Delegate
WorldSkills Russia R&D Director, WorldSkills International Board member
Founder and Director, Global Education Futures
WorldSkills Europe President
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