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A conversation with Tim Lenton, Professor of Earth System Science at the University of Exeter, about the Gaia hypothesis and how we could use our collective self-awareness of our effects on the world as the basis of a new kind of feedback, where we regulate our own actions. By adding a little self-awareness to the Earth’s automatic self-regulation, we would reach “Gaia 2.0″. There are many ways we can reconnect with nature, or put a value on our life support system, but much of that would naturally start at local scales and in communities, as we appreciate the living world around us.

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Tim Lenton is Professor of Climate Change and Earth System Science, University of Exeter. His work focusses on the transformation of our planet. Reading Jim Lovelock’s books on Gaia ignited Tim’s passion for studying the Earth as a whole system. He study how our remarkable planet came to be the way it is now, how humans are transforming the Earth’s system and how we might create a flourishing future within that system.
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    January 25, 2022 15:00
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    January 25, 2022 16:00
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