Sustainability Base Camp – Workshop

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This 1.5-hour hands-on workshop, conducted by Celonis’ education and sustainability teams, guides you through key environmental, social, and economic sustainability topics and prepares you for sustainability-related conversations with their colleagues, business stakeholders, friends, and family.

Coming from a software background, we believe that technologies play a key role in creating more sustainable processes. Safeguarding the planet means finding new ways to uncover CO2 emissions and ways to avoid them in the first place – process mining is the perfect matching tool. That’s why we not only have created a free online course called ‘Sustainability Base Camp’ but will host a hands-on workshop where we will analyze data to uncover opportunities to improve the sustainability performance of a fictional pizzeria. Read below to learn more.

Have you ever wondered how your local pizzeria could run more sustainably? For example, planning pizza deliveries better reduces ways and prevents carbon emissions. We believe that technology can help reveal such opportunities, and we want to discover them with you. In this 1.5-hour workshop, we will analyze sample pizzeria tracking data together using our process mining software. Our goal: Uncover opportunities for the pizzeria to act more sustainably, and learn how technology can generally help tackle sustainability challenges.

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