Sustainable Living Through Carbon Footprint (on-site event)

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The overarching objective of the project is to develop a sense of awareness of our resource consumption, waste generation and carbon emissions by measuring household carbon footprint in Qatar. Also, the project aims to challenge our assumptions, by questioning our consumption practices and norms and encourage the community to subscribe to the ideals of voluntary simplicity or frugal living. Behavioral changes at individual, household and community level are essential and complimentary to low-carbon technologies and environmentally sound policies. Effective environmental education and hands-on experience will move people to persistent action, which will influence behavioral change and overcome psychosocial biases. We believe through this active engagement with young adults and adults in the community at a grassroots level would help to shift attitudes towards sustainable living.

This project is designed to adopt the principals of Education for Sustainable Development, explicitly integrating social and environmental dimensions while capturing the values of natural and cultural heritage.

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