The 2021 UNESCO Report on the Future of Education: Pros and Cons

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In November 2021 UNESCO released its long anticipated report on the future of education. During its consultation phase, an international group of informed educators submitted a response to an advance draft of the report that UNESCO provided for feedback. This group expressed concern that the report did not go far enough in respecting the human rights of children and youth. While the final version of the report is not without its merits, it falls short of what is needed at this time. This session will look at the strengths and weaknesses of the UNESCO report. It will be conducted by Katy Zago, the principal author of the response to the draft document, Gabriel Groiss, Vice-Chair of EUDEC,  Je’anna Clements, author and expert in self-directed learning, and Richard Fransham, director of Uniting for Children and Youth.

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