The Danish Secret; how a new kind of school transformed the Nordics

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In the early 1800s, Denmark was among the poorest countries in Europe. In 1851, a new kind of youth education was invented that transformed not just Denmark but also Norway, Sweden, and Finland in about two generations, and the Nordic countries have remained prosperous, peaceful, and progressive since. In 2017, Lene Rachel Andersen wrote the book The Nordic Secret that explores this development; in this online workshop she will talk about what can be learned today from this relatively unknown part of Danish history. Socio-economically, Denmark 150-200 years ago shared a number of similarities with some of the poorest regions of the world today. After her presentation, Lene Rachel Andersen will invite the participants to discuss what can be learned from this Nordic experience and how this historical development can be useful today under today’s many different conditions around the globe.

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