The role of changemakers ecosystems in generating positive change at scale

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This roundtable will gather leaders of global social entrepreneurship networks to take stock of the role of support ecosystems dedicated to changemakers in positive social transformation locally and globally. The speakers will discuss the power of collaborative community networks as accelerating engines to scale up worthy and meaningful initiatives, against other approaches (e.g. top-down, institutional approaches).

The session aims to highlight the hurdles, prerequisites and accelerating factors of change for such networks and ecosystems to be efficient. The following elements especially can be explored: 

  • Network accessibility and diversity 
  • Degree of technology enablement 
  • Efficient communications, information flows, knowledge/success/failure sharing
  • Support system for mental health and wellbeing as a foundation
  • Capacity to access, mobilise, pool and distribute resources 
  • Connection to ground realities and capacity to assess actual change
  • Interdependencies with other stakeholders (private sector, government etc)

The session aims to be an informal, honest conversation on things that work and don’t, on lessons learnt, realisations, and the way ahead for networks to take an increasingly important role in social transformation at large. Eventually, this session, through the voices of networks’ founders and managers, should establish the (degree of) relevance and necessity of changemakers networks to achieve social impact.

Founder, One Family Foundation; Co-Founder and Chief Facilitator, Catalyst 2030
Co-founder, Snowball Effect
Executive Director, Digital Africa
Chief Operations Officer, Bridge for Billions
Co-Founder and Managing Director, ChangemakerXchange
Member, KIDsforSDGs
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  • Start Date
    January 27, 2022 14:00
  • End Date
    January 27, 2022 15:30
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