Transforming Education to be a powerful socially transformative force

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Study Hall Educational Foundation seeks to transform the patriarchal social structure and resulting norms that perpetuate gender inequality and gender-based violence. We realize that education has tremendous potential as a pathway to accomplish this, because classrooms can be radical spaces of possibility. Educational spaces provide a rich opportunity to address patriarchal mindsets early and shape egalitarian habits of the mind. We believe education can be a powerful transformative force, provided it is transformed. To this end, our goal is to help all stakeholders reimagine Indian educational spaces with a very strong gender lens. We aim to impact the existing education system so that lessons of equality, lessons of gender justice and lessons of democratic values become as important as lessons in math and science.

Speakers – Dron Pande, Zoha Azeem, Bhavna Virendra and Afshan Majeed Khan  

Moderator – Dr Urvashi Sahni

Student, Study Hall School
Parent, Study Hall School | Service Practice Head of Pre-Sales Program Management, Tata Consultancy Services
Student and Vice House Captain - Cypress, Study Hall School
Founder President and CEO, Study Hall Educational Foundation (SHEF)
Head of the English Department, Study Hall School
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