UNDER THE MOON a song and music video project that partners children across the globe

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Andrea Green, composer, director, music educator and music therapist will present her music video UNDER THE MOON and talk about her global music project which includes the process of partnering diverse groups of children using her song as the vehicle and framework, the production of a music video and the development of cultural exchange and friendship.

A (virtual) music video project designed to unite diverse groups of
children across the globe, through the vehicle of a song.

  1. How it all began- A Pandemic Blessing
  2. The creation of the song
  3. Bringing the children together (virtually)
  4. The creative arts approach -Singing, Dancing, Playing Instruments
  5. The process of sharing & discovery –through group discussion
  6. The performance
  7. The audio recording and arranging process
  8. The music video recording and editing process
    Composer, educator and music therapist Andrea Green created the song
    UNDER THE MOON to provide a framework to partner children virtually
    from the Kare Afrika Orphanage in Kampala, Uganda and the St. John
    School of the Arts in the U.S. Virgin Islands. Over a ten day period, the
    children partnered in a multi-arts process of singing, dancing, playing
    instruments and group discussion which culminated in the performance of
    the song, the making of the music video and the formation of new
    friendship. With a talented team of arts professionals, Andrea encouraged
    the children to work together, to share their personal stories and to strive
    for excellence in the creative collaboration.
    The music video, edited and co-produced with Henry Nevison, became the
    finishing product and permanent reminder of the children’s hard work and
    deep bond, with its’ messages of empathy, understanding, acceptance and
    UNDER THE MOON is now a music video project ready to be replicated
    around the world. The song remains the same but the arrangement will
    change to reflect the country, people, culture, and environment. With each
    partnership, the process and product of the music video project will always
    be different and unique.
    If interested in this project contact Andrea Green:

Andrea Green – Composer, Music therapist, Creator of Project

Grace Magala -Director of the Kare Afrika Orphanage

Kim Wild -Director of the St. John School of the Arts

Henry Nevison– film editor and co-producer.

Composer-Playwright-Music educator-Music therapist, Andrea Green Music
Director, Kare Afrika Orphanage
Director / Co-Producer, Henry Nevison Productions
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