Well-being counts for better learning: lessons from Asia-Pacific experience and Covid-19

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Faced with the socio-emotional toll of a long and challenging global pandemic, schools should prioritize happiness and well-being as as means to improve learning outcomes in both the short and long term. In this context, and on the occasion of International Day of Education, UNESCO in partnership with the Learning Planet Institute is organizing a webinar to kick-off a global dialogue on the importance of making the pursuit of happiness a guiding principle of all places of learning.

The event will discuss the findings and lessons learned from the pilot implementation of the regional Happy School Framework (HSF) in Japan, Lao PDR, and Thailand. Representatives from other regions will also be invited to reflect on the impact of the pandemic on happiness in schools.

The webinar will feature a panel discussion with participation from education policymakers, school leaders, teachers, parents and other relevant education stakeholders, partners, and researchers.

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