Wellbeing with Togetherness Table

In English and in Hindi

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A unique experience that opens up dialogues in the inter- generational settings by creating a safe space, ‘Togetherness Table’ supports young people in feeling empowered and having an overall positive sense of self and wellbeing by building their capacity to deal with overwhelming adverse feelings they might be experiencing.  It is a game in the form of ‘refl-action’ tasks where each task creates an opportunity for deep dialogue and conversations preceded by an experience of love, learning, freedom, ownership and social hope which gently guides us to nourish the values of liberty, equality, and fraternity in society. These tasks also build resilience and the feeling of belonging that comes from creating collective wellbeing through shared leadership. Togetherness Table focuses on building ‘feelings literacy’ so that the participants can better take care of themselves while also taking care of each other.

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