YouthxYouth Events, 21 January!

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YouthxYouth‘s 2nd Learning Festival is taking place from Friday, January 21st to Sunday, January 23rd, 2022!

YouthxYouth (YxY) is a global community of youth activists and adult allies dedicated to the reimagination and transformation of education for collective liberation. Our goal is to accelerate the process of young people influencing, designing, and transforming their learning experiences and education systems.

Last year, our first-ever YouthxYouth (YxY, “Youth by Youth”) experience, was guided by the central question: WHAT IF young people designed the future of education? This year, we are moving from ideas to action, from WHAT IF to HOW. Our central question is: HOW will young people design the future of education? Our sessions will dive deep into practical activist tools and showcase ways that young people are already taking action to radically reimagine education.

Open Workshops on 21 January

  1. COMMUNITY GARDEN – Are there too many Meerkats in the room?, 15:00-15:55 CET
    Sean Bellamy
    Are there too many Meerkats’, is a playful workshop designed to explore the personal qualities that both support our activism and our ability to work within the groups that can lead to fundamental change. We will playfully explore our “animal” characteristics in a way that is inspired by QiGong and Taoism. And of course, you’ll discover there is never a time when there are too many Meerkats in a room.
  2. COMMUNITY GARDEN – The Gardener & the Garden, 15:00-15:55 CET
    Karima Kadaoui
    What would happen if we saw our school as a garden? And our neighborhoods, organizations, communities and systems? What about our society? What makes a garden beautiful? What would water, nourish and sustain our education-system-garden? Who would be the gardener? “The garden of the world has no limits, except in your mind.” (Rumi). In this Tamkeen Workshop, the partners-in-flourishing will playfully cocreate a “Makan Makin” and co-explore these questions.
  3. YxY OPENING SESSION, 16:00-17:20 CET
    YxY Team
    YouthxYouth joyfully invites you to open with us the 2022 Learning Festival. In this Opening session, you will get to know our YxY community of organizers, hosts, activists and allies with whom we will be sharing these precious 3 days together (and hopefully, beyond!). We will also explore our intentions and guiding question & principles for coming together, and provide helpful context for each day of the Learning Festival.
  4. ACTIVIST CLASSROOM – Community-Based Curriculum Development, 19:00-19:55 CET
    Lyla June
    In this session, we will explore how we can work with community members to support them in building out their own schools.
  5. ACTIVISTS CLASSROOM – Learning to amplify your voice!, 19:00-19:55 CET
    Gbolabo Femi-Jolayemi
    “I feel like it’s actually everybody’s responsibility to use whatever platform they have to do good in the world, basically, and to try to make our society better, whether you’re an accountant or an activist or an athlete or whatever it is. I think it’s everybody’s responsibility.” — Megan Rapinoe. One thing I have realized in my life journey is that everyone has the potential to be an activist and influence people’s thoughts and actions. In my session, I will identify key strategies on how young people can be intentional in activism by adopting technology, social media, music, entertainment and other tools.
  6. CAMPFIRE – Tunisian Youth Design their own Educational Strategy!, 20:00-20:55 CET
    Mayssa Rezgui
    In this session, Mayssa will share her experience as a national youth advocate co-creating an education strategy with young people across Tunisia.
  7. COMMUNITY GARDEN – How to Claim your Spiritual Center as a Changemaker, 20:00-20:55 CET
    Mentor Dida
    There is a taboo following the word spirituality. The people who are spiritual are stereotyped, judged, and seen as “woo woo”. This makes us feel less centered and outspoken about our sense of spirituality. But yet, we know that spirituality is one of our main drives and we should not hide it. Join this session to claim your spiritual center so that you can show the world that spirituality is rocketfuel of changemakers.
  8. ACTIVIST CLASSROOM – Decolonizing Activism, 20:00-20:55 CET
    Nikki Sanchez
    This interactive workshops will help participants from every background and personal location to better understand their role and responsibility within the ongoing context of colonialism and it’s lasting legacy of systemic racism and intergenerational inequity. Our participatory pedagogy is designed to empower every participant to discern tangible strategies to enact anti-racism and decolonizing practices within their own everyday work, activism and personal lives.

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