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YouthxYouth‘s 2nd Learning Festival is taking place from Friday, January 21st to Sunday, January 23rd, 2022!

YouthxYouth (YxY) is a global community of youth activists and adult allies dedicated to the reimagination and transformation of education for collective liberation. Our goal is to accelerate the process of young people influencing, designing, and transforming their learning experiences and education systems.

Last year, our first-ever YouthxYouth (YxY, “Youth by Youth”) experience, was guided by the central question: WHAT IF young people designed the future of education? This year, we are moving from ideas to action, from WHAT IF to HOW. Our central question is: HOW will young people design the future of education? Our sessions will dive deep into practical activist tools and showcase ways that young people are already taking action to radically reimagine education.

Open Workshops on 23 January

  1. ACTIVISM CLASSROOM – Direct Participation & Co-Creation, 14:00-14:55 CET
    Kenneth Gyamerah
    It is only through the direct participation of young people that the issues affecting them can be identified and that effective solutions can be developed. Recognizing the burgeoning youth population globally and the necessity to implement new approaches to solving existing educational problems, this presentation seeks to provide strategies on how youth actors working in the education landscape can work together to co-design interventions that address the current challenges in education.
  2. ACTIVIST CLASSROOM – How to Lead & Sustain a Movement, 14:00-14:55 CET
    Hammed Kayode Alabi
    Movements across the world are often started by one person, one leader with a great sense of purpose. People saw this purpose and found their purpose in those purposes. They found their why in the leaders’ why. They could tell their story within the movement because they could see and own their story in the movement’s story. As a young leader myself who has led a movement of young people driving youth and educational change in Nigeria and Sub-Saharan Africa. I have learned what it means to lead a movement and it is about telling stories that connect. Allowing people to find their why in those stories and desperately caring about the people you are serving. In such a way that when they live, they will still be the custodian of the why. I will be using videos and personal experiences to show us how we can be the kind of leader that can lead and sustain a movement.
  3. ACTIVISTS CLASSROOM – Ikigai: Aligning Career & Passion, 14:00-14:55 CET
    Gaia Ines Fasso
    An interactive workshop to explore the Japanese concept of Ikigai and how it applies to our professional lives. We will reconnect with our inner child to explore what we love and what we are good at. We will collaborate with peers to zero in on what this means for our careers and we will ponder about what this means for actions we must take today.
  4. ACTIVIST CLASSROOM – Cultivating A Success Mindset (CASM), 12:00-12:55 CET
    Andile Kwakweni
    Who does success belong to? An elite gifted few? Consciously or unconsciously many a youths apportion success to people from certain families, areas or various societal moulds. This session claims that you are ordinary and would live a fulfilled and extraordinary life if only you, daily, discovered and developed your true self. “When you become clear about the gift your past has given to you, many things begin to make sense and living a full and authentic life despite man-made restrictions becomes possible.”
  5. ACTIVIST CLASSROOM – Student leadership: A Path to a World Free of Poverty and Filled with Love!, 12;00-12:55 CET
    Rupesh Chaurasia
    In this session we will be talking about the significance of student leadership in this modern world and how we can leverage it in different spaces in order to make the India and World that we envision a reality. Throughout this session we would be exploring student leadership at the same time we would be strengthening our belief in the true potential of students and the impact they can have if given the right opportunities to unleash their potential. While we are going through all of this, understanding the bigger purpose of education and bringing this alive in our life for a world and India & world free of poverty and filled with love!
  6. Showcase #5 – Entrepreneur, Community & Weaver Activists, 13:00-13:55 CET
    YxY Activists
    YouthxYouth invites you to learn and take action with our Entrepreneur, community and weaver Activists completing our YxY Global Action Circles program in this culminating Showcase event. Join us in supporting their projects and celebrating their growth at the end of this 5-month learning journey!
  7. COMMUNITY GARDEN – Healing Histories: Growing the Seeds of Activism by Healing the Collective Wounds, 15:00-16:20 CET
    Lala Jelenjev
    Where did we learn about activism? What did the society we grew up in tell us about being an activist? What did our culture teach us about activism? How did our history impact our beliefs? In this Community Garden session, Lana will facilitate reflective prompts that address collective historical experiences and how they influence our perspectives on activism. The intention for this session is to provide a safe and brave space to explore historical wounds and their impact in our roles as activists.
  8. ACTIVIST CLASSROOM – Using Research to Challenge Systems and Promote Change, 15:00-16:20 CET
    Chris Bagley
    This interactive session will help participants to understand how participatory action research (PAR) can be used to empower young people, challenge systems and create actionable alternatives to the educational status quo. The session will demonstrate how young people develop the research skills, knowledge and power to co-create new educational realities and promote evidence-based alternatives. Attendees will take part in activities that build an awareness of how PAR works in practice and how it feels to be involved.
  9. ACTIVIST CLASSROOM – Communities of practice, diversity and deep learning, 16:00-16:55 CET
    Victoria Haro
    How can we integrate communities in diversity to broaden our mutual understanding and cosmovisions? How can we form communities of practice where we can experiment and self direct our learning collectively? In this session we will have a community of practice (CoP) experience around our work as education co-change agents, briefly review the CoP framework, and converse around the potential and challenges of promoting a dialogue culture in diversity, vis-a-vis an emerging culture of polarization.
  10. CAMPFIRE – Football & Education, 16:30-16:55 CET
    Etim-Etim Akpan
    “Sport has the power to change the world,” Mandela said. It has the power to inspire and it speaks to the youth in a language they understand. In this session, Etim-Etim will discuss the Huracan FC Abeokuta project, a football project in Partnership with the Huracan Foundation London aimed at educating and addressing the challenges faced by Nigerian learners in low-income communities. The project coaches, grooms and provides some mentorship by incorporating sporting activities into Learning cycles to further enhance student’s academic performance and general well-being.
  11. CAMPFIRE – The Soil Project – How I create my own University, 16:30-16:55 CET
    Thien Quach
    I went to a university and it failed to provide me answers for my holding questions: Who am I? What can I do to contribute to building a more beautiful world? What is a meaningful life? What are the solutions to our global crisis? I changed to another university abroad but I still cannot find any answer except being taught how to be a good employee, how to earn more money, and grow our economy. The whole concept of higher education is mostly about getting a job and making more money. I was disappointed, depressed, and discouraged, but I did not give up. I look for other alternative universities/higher education all around the world, I did research and learn more about the education system. There are many nice alternative universities but I was not able to get there as a student due to financial constraints. Finally, I decided to create my own university. It was created not only for myself but also for young people like me, who are passionate about building their own higher education experience. This is the story of The Soil Project.
  12. CAMPFIRE – Untitled: Refusing to be defined, 17:00-17:25 CET
    Ty Hobbson-Powell
    In this session, Ty will share his education story of going through the education system and becoming an advocate for change.
  13. CAMPFIRE – Media for Education Change, 17:00-17:25 CET
    Onengiye Amachree
    The session aims to provide clarity, and exposure to how we can utilize the media to effect positive educational change. To illuminate the minds of young people, letting them know that even “word of mouth” can be a powerful medium. A lot of people perceive the media as traditionally, radio, television and in modern times, the internet. While this is true, it would be refreshing to have a fresh perspective on how we can be the media. How we can utilize our mouths as a powerful media tool to effect desirable change.
  14. CAMPFIRE – Peace Generation : A youth Proposal for Peace-Building, 19:00-19:25 CET
    Juan Pablo Alvarado Herrera
    The objective of Generation of Peace is to facilitate a space for the construction and contextualization of peace in Colombia, from a differential and territorial approach to bring young leaders closer to the post-conflict from the perspective of Women, Diversity, Human Rights, Education, Environment. In the first edition we had the participation of fifty young people who have been developing actions for peace building from their territories and thematic areas, we hope with the application to the LISA Laboratory, the construction of a toolbox for peace building where young people from their territories are protagonists, multipliers and replicators of this process
  15. ACTIVIST CLASSROOM – Creating a new political system with young people at the heart of it, 19:00-19:55 CET
    Young people bring a new way of looking at the world, at a time when the world itself may be facing the 6th mass extinction. How can we bring their adapted intelligence into the heart of power relations, to give Planet Earth – and human beings – the best chance of survival? This session will consist of four stages of inquiry into the distinctions between old and new ways of thinking and being:
    – What is a whole human being? (What is I?)
    – What kinds of structures can enable human potential? (What are We?)
    – How can we regenerate the planet (How can I impact the World?)
    – Imagining a new political system that links I-We-World
  16. LAB – Reimagining digital learning delivery with Curriculum for Life, 19:00-20:20 CET
    Oli & Pete William
    This is an opportunity to shape the future of Curriculum for Life (C4L), an open-source education platform that creates and curates curricula that support the development of positive relationships with ourselves, each other, the unique places we live in, and our planet. Think about your most memorable learning experience. What if that were shared with the world? In this session you will share your learning experiences and favourite topics and help us think creatively about how we can create an ecosystem of resource contributors that can democratise access to inspiring, high quality life-long learning.
  17. ACTIVIST CLASSROOM – Co-Elevation: The True Meaning of Leadership, 19:30-20:25 CET
    EstefanĂ­a Cardona
    In this session, we will be discussing leadership and the skills required to be the leaders that the 21st century needs. We will be looking at individual accountability. Also the great perspective of Moonshots and creating a High Performance Team. We will go a little bit further with different techniques such a Relationship Action Plan (RAP) and the Collaborative Problem Solving (CPS) process and the 10 Hills.
  18. YxY CLOSING SESSION, 20:30-22:00
    YxY Team
    Join us for our Closing Ceremony of our 2022 Learning Festival, where we will co-elevate the insights and stories generated from our 60+ sessions throughout our 3 days together. Our YxY Café Hosts will share the takeaways from our small group deep-dialogue experience. After the ceremony, we will invite everyone to join us to celebrate with one last DANCE & hangout in the YxY Community Garden!!!
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