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ACT as A Doughnut!


"Doughnut Economics" is a term coined by economist Kate Raworth to describe a new economic paradigm that aims to balance the competing demands of economic growth and social and environmental sustainability. The concept is represented visually as a doughnut-shaped graph, with a "hole" in the middle representing the ecological and social boundaries that we must not breach, and the "doughnut" itself representing the space within which we can achieve social and economic prosperity.

The idea behind Doughnut Economics is that traditional economic theories, such as neoclassical economics, have failed to address the pressing social and ecological challenges of our time, and that a new approach is needed. Raworth's work emphasizes the need to move beyond GDP growth as the primary measure of economic success and to instead focus on creating a more equitable and sustainable economy.

As Doughnut Economics Took The World By Storm! We are

Mardi 24 Janvier 2023

13:00 CET, UTC+1h

  • Engagement de la jeunesse
  • Diversité & Inclusion
  • Edtech & Civictech

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  • Événement en ligne
  • Anglais

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