Activating Arts in Education

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Co-hosted by #LearningPlanet, REAL School Budapest & Community Arts Network (CAN)

We are delighted to invite you to a collective deep dive exploration and conversation about what arts’ unique role and contribution to education and development may be. This will include examples and ideas on how to activate that potential in tangible ways. This session is hosted in collaboration between Community Arts Network, REAL School Budapest & #Learning Planet.  

This will kick off the Arts for Education day at #LearningPlanet Festival, a 9-day celebration of learning to take care of oneself, others and the planet. The Arts for Education track will host a dedicated program of performances, interviews, documentaries shedding light on how artists help change the narrative around education and contribute to building better futures for us and the planet. 

Reflection questions for this session

  1. What could be interesting programmes connecting schools / artists / networks? 
  2. What if we are thinking about relationships, not subjects as an organising principle for education? What is the role of the arts in this?
  3. How do you extend the reach of Young people through the arts, and working with young artists?

You will be joining a session that is Collaborative & Action-driven : we look forward to welcoming you!


Slam out loud, India, is a non-profit that uses the power of performance and visual arts to build ‘socio-emotional learning’ (SEL) and ‘creative confidence’ skills like communication, critical thinking, and empathy in children from disadvantaged communities. SOL works with professional artists and e-learning resources to help these children build these skills. They’re a young organisation with a lean (but expanding) team, and with their low-tech and accessible response to COVID and strategic partnerships, they have been able to bring the arts to 4.7 million children across various states and countries.

ALTTEATAR, Bosnia, is a movement born of young artists’ desire to transform the theatrical creativity in Bosnia and Herzegovina into a driving force, which enables creative expression of people’s individual and shared experiences, critical reflection of the society and social realities, as well as the protection and advancement of democratic life and human rights.

Stimmuli for Social Change, Greece,  design and develop new approaches, innovative projects, effective practices, and tools to enhance social innovation. Their work aims at harnessing the power of collaboration between universities, nonprofits, social enterprises, businesses, and governments, to address pressing societal challenges more effectively and on a wider scale.

Artful Learning, USA, is a transformational learning model that empowers educators to use the arts and the artistic process to awaken and sustain the love of learning for all students. Based on over twenty years of intensive collaboration and refinement, field research and implementation with leading educators, researchers and practitioners of the model, the Artful Learning Sequence and Model is a framework that educators can use to revitalize their curriculum and their teaching practice.

Co-founder, International Teaching Artist Collaborative (ITAC)
External Consultant - Partnerships Management, Slam Out Loud
Project manager, Stimmuli for Social Change
Impact architect & Curator, Community Arts Network
Project Coordinator, Association of Performing Arts "Altteatar"
Principal, REAL School Budapest
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