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Addressing Humanitarian Equity During Times Of Crisis


Since the beginning of the war in Ukraine, people of African descent have faced racism, segregation, and abuse while fleeing for their lives. In addition, there is inequitable access to humanitarian aid for Africans in need in neighboring European countries. In response, NoirUnited International has been working daily to support African students and families fleeing Ukraine during this time of need. NoirUnited worked to provide necessities such as food and water, transportation to and from the border, and temporary housing. In addition to humanitarian assistance, we worked with African governments and embassies to advocate for humanitarian corridors, financial support for their citizens, and the safe evacuation of students.

Our team visited and met with affected African students in Poland, Hungary, Germany, Netherlands, and France to assist with their resettlement and to document the experiences they faced while fleeing the war. This panel event will be used to discuss the complex predicament Africans from Ukraine continue to face. This panel event will also be used to advocate for those students’ access to educational opportunities and equitable access to humanitarian support.

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Fri, January 27, 2023

17:00 CET, UTC+1h

  • Personnes réfugiées & déplacées
  • Equité & Droits
  • Enseignement supérieur

publics cibles
  • Événement hybride
  • Anglais

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