Organisé par Le Sallay Academy

Blended Learning: Trends and Lifehacks


Join us on the 26th of January 2023 for a day of virtual exchanges, sharing of the best blended / online learning strategies, and discussions with educators and scholars. The conference is organized by Le Sallay International Academy, an independent middle school specializing in blended learning.

We welcome teachers and education professionals interested in learning and sharing ideas about blended learning and the digitalization of education.

Why Attend?

Learn about best digital learning practices and real-life cases from Le Sallay faculty

Learn about the emerging education trends from our guest speakers: Dr. Maria H. Andersen, author, speaker, learning futurist, and the CEO of Coursetune and
Dr. Neelam Parmar, Director of Digital Learning and Education for Asia International School Limited

Take part a live conversation on disruptive potential of new learning models with Thomas Arnett, senior research fellow for the Clayton Christensen Institutie

Jeudi 26 janvier 2023

16:00 CET, UTC+1h

  • Apprentissage socio-émotionnel
  • Sagesses traditionnelles & Éducation interculturelle
  • Edtech & Civictech

publics cibles
  • Événement en ligne
  • Anglais

Objectifs de développement durable

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