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Manifesto for Decarbonizing Research Methods


While many academics are dedicated to climate mitigation and adaptation research, to what extent are our research methods and processes contributing to the very problem we are seeking to address?

This 90-minute session event will bring together researchers and students in an interdisciplinary collaborative workshop to create a manifesto for decarbonizing research methods at ASU.

During this workshop, participants will share ideas for low-carbon research methodologies in various disciplines, conduct rapid research on decarbonizing research methodologies, and collaboratively write a manifesto. The manifesto will be shared with all participants for use in their departments and collaborations, conveyed to the Provost, and published online.

Please come prepared with your computer and your ideas – and be ready to write!

Mercredi 25 Janvier 2023

21:30 CET, UTC+1h

Arizona State University, Tempe Campus

  • Être des « Planetizens »
  • Environnement & Durabilité
  • Enseignement supérieur

publics cibles
  • Événement in situ
  • Anglais

Objectifs de développement durable

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