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Learning to Take Care of Yourself, Your Societies and All Life on Earth through Play


“If Rip Van Winkle were to wake up today after a 20 year slumber, the only institution he would recognise is the school.”-Kathy Hirsh Pasek, Sr Fellow Brookings Institution
The future of education combines guided-play & creativity to teach children to take care of themselves, those in their societies & all life on earth. Join this play-based session with classrooms from the UK, South Africa & India as they use Rangeet’s activities to demonstrate how crucial social, emotional & ecological knowledge & skills can be developed.
We’ll conduct 3 activities:
1st-How emotions & thoughts can affect mental health.
2nd-About diversity & unity.
3rd-How trees communicate & collaborate with all inhabitants in a forest ecosystem & our learnings.
With breakout rooms & discussions, the event aims to shine a light on developing global stewardship & agency, resulting in a compassionate planet.
Bring: plain play-dough, different coloured paint, wet wipes

Fri, January 27, 2023

10:30 CET, UTC+1h

  • Environnement & Durabilité
  • Apprentissage socio-émotionnel
  • Diversité & Inclusion

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  • Événement en ligne
  • Anglais

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