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Organisé par Arizona State University

Reimagining Education for Planetary Futures


COVID-19. Globalization. Racial and economic injustice. Climate crisis. Human migration. Artificial intelligence. Quantum computing. The Internet of things. Bioengineering. A child born today will be shaped by accelerating change in technology, climate, demography, and our physical and social environments. The speed and convergence of change across so many dimensions of human experience will shape this child’s life in ways that are as profound as they are unpredictable. How would education systems respond to the planetary challenges we face? What kind of planetary futures are we preparing for?

Join members of Learning Futures Collaboratives at the Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College at ASU to explore how they are mobilizing forces to address these challenges through newly created, transdisciplinary networks of academics, students, and community partners.

De 25 à Jeudi 26 janvier 2023

00:00 CET, UTC+1h

  • Enseignement primaire & secondaire
  • Enseignement supérieur
  • Inspiration & Imagination

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  • Événement en ligne
  • Anglais

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