Organisé par Empower Nations Initiative

Restoring hope to the vulnerable girls and youth through skilling and mindset change for sustainability


The event will be showcasing what Empower Nations Initiative is contributing to the restoration of hope to the vulnerable youth and mostly the girl child who were adversely affected by COVID-19, coupled with negative community social cultural stereotypes and poverty. Many youth and women do find themselves trapped in a vicious cycle of poverty and endless challenges due to the above scenarios.
As a way of reversing this trend, Empower Nations Initiative’s interventions are aimed at unlocking the potentials of these segemants of the society through programs that inspire, trigger and enable them to take action that helps in shifting their mindsets, increasing household incomes and improving their general social well being in a more progressive and sustainable manner.
This is done through
 Enterprise development and business support programs.
 Capacity building and leadership development to the young workers institutions.
 Disability, gender development and climate justice programs
 Life skills training, creation of quality education spaces for children and mental wellbeing.
The impact of our intervention is seen through,
 Mind set and attitude change.
 They gain skill and ability to start and run profitable and sustainable IGAs.
 Local institutions strengthened with better leadership systems.

Jeudi 26 janvier 2023

11:00 CET, UTC+1h


Kauga -Mukono
0256 Kampala
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  • Engagement de la jeunesse
  • Diversité & Inclusion
  • Innovation sociale

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  • Événement hybride
  • Anglais

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