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The Planetarium Science Centre Ghana – Inspiration, Design, Construction, Implementation


Building Ghana Planetarium, delivery of projector and arrival of David Weinrich who procured the projector, finishing & furnishing the dome, formal opening event, the planetarium dome and its new roof, school children visiting the planetarium, children in the dome, posters in the garden, school children of all ages, a visiting volunteer and children, activities in the summer hut, posters, science-in-a-suitcase, hands-on activities, activities on pi day, students learning in the summer hut, adult visitors, newspaper articles, astronomy and development graphic, the first eight years of the planetarium, the International Astronomical Union (IAU): extracts on primary and secondary education from ‘Astronomy For Development Strategic Plan 2010-2020’.

Mercredi 25 Janvier 2023

15:15 CET, UTC+1h

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