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No money, no job, few resources, lots of time and energy… How can I make my life better?
Welcome to the Low-Tech Club where we combine found materials, our own labor, and know-how from around the world to build stuff that will make life easier, healthier, safer, and more fun. Who runs the Club? You do. Who are the members? You, your friends, your neighbors. Where do we meet? Wherever you can find a space to work. Where do we find the materials to build with? In the dump, the trash bin, your own backyard, the vacant lot next door. And yes, you may have to buy a few things and beg or borrow some tools. But that’s ok because you can give away or sell what you make. So where does the knowledge come from? It’s all around you. Everybody knows how to make something from scrap. Your grandparents know. The new neighbor from a different place knows. The Internet is full of DIY (do it yourself) and How-to-do-it videos. At Low Tech Club you share whatever knowledge you can harvest, teach each other, try out building projects and adapt them to the materials you have available.

Mercredi 25 Janvier 2023

20:00 CET, UTC+1h

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