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Organisé par Global Student Forum

Youth & Student Consultation on the United Nations Youth Office


In September 2022, in the scope of the 77th United Nations General Assembly, the Member States decided “to establish the United Nations Youth Office as a dedicated office for youth affairs in the Secretariat”. The UN Youth Office must become an unprecedented and highly effective advocacy tool to address political realities and catalyze action to influence the decisions that matter for the lived conditions young people are facing. To materialize into such an agent of change, the UN Youth Office needs to be equipped with significant financial resources, to sustain its operational costs and staffing but also to allow grant making to existing representative youth and student organizations working on the ground. Much is talked about the need to invest in the youth sector, however investments in democratic structures for the interest representation of young people remains marginal.

In celebration of the Learning Planet Festival 2023, a public consultation will take place witl take place between various representative groups.

Jeudi 26 janvier 2023

14:00 CET, UTC+1h

  • Engagement de la jeunesse
  • Equité & Droits
  • Paix & Éducation à la paix

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  • Événement en ligne
  • Anglais

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