Launch of the #LearningPlanet Youth Empowerment Circle during the Catalysing Change Week


What are #LearningPlanet Circles?

#LearningPlanet Circles connect like-minded communities with shared causes. Following the notion of a middle ground institution, this will notably be achieved by forging strong bonds with leading institutions, networks of social entrepreneurs, foundations, governmental organizations, etc. The Youth Empowerment Circle allows youth-focused organizations to meet, share resources and advance meaningful collaborations towards youth empowerment at the international level.

We are delighted to announce that this circle will be co-led by #LearningPlanet, Children in All Policies 2030, and Catalyst2030, together joining the strength of their respective networks to build impactful youth-focused initiatives at scale.

Learn more about circles here.

An open invitation to join

We invite you to the first two interactive sessions of the Youth Empowerment Circle that will be held in the context of the Catalyst2030 Change Week, as follows:

Session 1

  • Title: From Youth Perspectives to Youth Empowerment – Part 1
  • Date and Time: Tuesday 4 May 2021, 16:00-17:30pm CEST
  • Session Hosts: Dream a Dream, Design-a-thon Works, YouthxYouth, DIKSHA
  • Intervenants: Youth representatives from partner organizations in India, Netherlands, UK, and Nigera (TBD), Mr Anindit Roy Chowdhury, Director – Programmes and Policy, Save the Children India
  • Description: This session will aim to better understand youth perspectives from across the world, on a range of burning issues such as health, education, rights, safety, climate, etc. Youth changemakers coming from various youth-led organisations will voice out their concerns, needs, dreams, ambitions and demands. These inputs will help nurture and structure the Youth Empowerment Circle, which will be addressed in part 2 (see below.)


Session 2

  • Title: From Youth Perspectives to Youth Empowerment – Part 2
  • Date and Time: Thursday 6th May, 15:00-16:30 CEST
  • Session Hosts: #LearningPlanet & KidsforSDGs & CAP2030 & Catalyst 2030
  • Intervenants: Almaaz Mudaly, Youth Climate Action Plan, Sagarika Sriram, Kids4aBetterWorld, Alvin Wong & Alex Lee, KidsforSDGs, Kenneth Kwok, founder KidsforSDGs, Nidhi Kanaujia
  • Description: This session will serve to effectively support youth by establishing a fruitful dialogue and creating strong bonds between the outstanding youth who participated in the first session, and international upper-ground institutions and networks, following a needs-based, co-designing approach for policymaking. This will be an opportunity to identify concrete next steps for the Youth Empowerment Circle.


Do not hesitate to invite youth in your networks who may also be interested to attend either of both of these sessions, which will provide fertile ground for the Circle’s objectives and strategy moving forward. The Youth Empowerment Circle will again meet in June to discuss the takeaways and the way forward, to which you will be invited to proactively participate as well.

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