Dr. Farah Al Taji

Farah Al Taji joined Brunel University London as a Lecturer in Entrepreneurship and Strategy at Brunel Business School in November 2021. Farah is a researcher and educator in the field of (social) entrepreneurship. In 2019, she completed her PhD in management from Politecnico di Milano in Italy. From 2019-2020, Farah worked as a postdoctoral researcher on a research project funded by the British Academy and based at the University of Birmingham in collaboration with Al-Balqa Applied University in Jordan. During her postdoc, she has undertaken an impactful research in Jordan which allowed her to expand on her knowledge and research experience in specific societal challenges such as forced migration and gender inequality. Since 2018, Farah lead a research project with a diverse team of researchers. The project entitles The Path from Volunteering to Entrepreneurship which explores women‚Äôs intention to become social entrepreneurs after going through a volunteering experience with ‚ÄėWe Love Reading‚Äô (Jordan-based social enterprise).

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