Gabrielle Wong

Member, KIDsforSDGs


Based in the UK, Gabrielle is a 16 year-old student at Wycombe Abbey, and is very passionate about creating change for a better world through the UN SDG Framework. Aspiring to enter the tech industry, she wants to do her part to bridge the gap between gender equality in computer science. Hence, this inspired her to establish a non-profit organisation called: Tech for Changes. Tech for Changes is a youth-led organisation focused on teaching computer and coding skills for girls and non-binary students ranging from 12 to 18 in Cambodia. The students will receive need-based thematic lessons, and be able to apply their skills to the final project which will include building an app to raise awareness or address an environmental problem. She hopes that this initiative will provide them a solid foundation with all the skills necessary to succeed as future computer scientists and innovators for good.


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