Laureline Simon

Founder and Executive Director, One Resilient Earth

One Resilient Earth

Laureline Simon is the founder and executive director of One Resilient Earth, a social entreprise operating as a non-profit, with the mission of raising awareness about the multifacted impacts of climate change, including on emotional and mental health, and of building the resilience of individuals, communities and ecosystems to the ecological crisis. One Resilient Earth implements a transformative and regenerative approch to building resilience, weaving together art, science, ancient wisdom and new technologies.
Laureline has worked on climate change mitigation and adaptation at the international level since 2006. At the United Nations Climate Change Secretariat, she supported the setting up of the Local Communities and Indigenous Peoples’ platform, a task force on population displacements related to climate change, and coordinated Resilience Frontiers, a collective intelligence process on long-term resilience, bringing together thought leaders in the fields of technology and sustainability. She started her career with the Indian NGO SEWA, working on post-disaster reconstruction projects in the Kutch desert, whose women taught her a lot about resilience. Laureline draws inspiration from nature and her two children, who help her daily take better care of the Earth.


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