Olivier Bréchard


l’Alliance internationale LearningPlanet

Olivier joined the Learning Planet Institute in 2019 and serves as Chief Operating Officer of LearningPlanet, a global initiative – in partnership with UNESCO and hundreds of leading organisations – to inspire and empower learners to take care of oneself, others and the planet, and thus contribute to address complex challenges such as the Sustainable Development Goals. Olivier is notably in charge of the annual LearningPlanet Festival that aims to synchronise the world around the celebration of learning on the occasion of the UN International Day of Education.
Previously (2008-2019), Olivier acquired a solid expertise in the design and management of global initiatives addressing the future of learning, notably as executive director of the World Innovation Summit for Education (WISE 2008-2012). He also contributed to a range of exemplary programmes such as Global Education Futures and Global Education Leaders Partnership, the Open Education Challenge, Learning Without Frontiers, etc. and was CEO of the WebForce3 network of digital schools that he co-founded (2015-2019).


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